A successful school Parents' Advisory Council (PAC) receives and values the input from as many parents as possible. Please consider attending a meeting and becoming involved in your child's school. Remember, as a parent of a child attending Little Mountain Elementary School, you are automatically a member of our school PAC. 

Our PAC meetings are scheduled on the 3rd Monday of each month, via zoom for the 2020-2021 school year. 

To contact the PAC in general or to contact any of our PAC executive, please email littlemountainpac@gmail.com


Parents' Advisory Council Executive for 2021/2022

  • Chair Person:  Stefanie Pemble
  • Vice Chair:  Nadine Hovde
  • ​Treasurer:  Debra Ercanbrack
  • Secretary: Lindsey Day
  • DPAC Representative: Vrushali Khot
  • Hot Lunch Coordinator: Nadine Hovde
  • Member at Large: Andrea Ford

Newly Elected Parents' Advisory Council Executive for 2022/2023

  • Chair Person:  Vrushali Khot
  • Vice Chair:  Andrea Ford
  • ​Treasurer:  Debra Ercanbrack
  • Secretary: Brittany E
  • DPAC Representative: Alicia F
  • Hot Lunch Coordinator
  • Member at Large: Alex M
  • Member at Large: Becky

Hot Lunch Orders:


Please note that if you have ordered and your child is away on hot lunch day, you can request the item be saved for pickup or given to a sibling/friend. If we don't receive information regarding an absent child's hot lunch before 11:45am, those items will be donated to our lunch program so they don't go to waste!