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If you are planning on moving in the near future, please let us know as this helps up with planning classes for next year. 

School Start Up

Our first day of classes will be on Tuesday, September 7th, 2021. Our day will start at 8:20 a.m. and will finish at 10:14 am.

Grade 1-5 Students will line up at their prior year’s class line up spot and be met by their last year’s teacher.  Dismissal will also occur from their last year’s teachers spot. 

New students in Grades 1-5 will meet in the Library.

Full days for Grades 1-5 will begin on Wednesday, September 8th.  

Starting K next year?

We will send you a letter in the mail around the first week of August with important information about gradual Kindergarten start up. Kindergarten will follow the gradual entry schedule sent out in the mail. 

Classes for Next Year

Creating well-balanced classes is very important at LME. In the first week of school, we will be checking our attendance very carefully and then submitting our school organization into the district. It is our aim to have classes formed as quickly as possible. During the first week of school, our students will be reviewing our school code of conduct, which includes our school PBS Matrix and behavioural expectations in all school settings. Our dedicated staff has experience in meeting the needs of all of our learners and is very creative in ensuring that all learning outcomes are met for each grade. Although there may be changes in September, our tentative classroom organization for next year will be as follows:

  • Kindergarten: Mrs. Dirven, Mrs. L. Price, Ms. Kornelius
  • Gr. 1: Mrs. Dalton and To Be Announced
  • Gr. 1/2: Mrs. Arsenault (Ms. Atkinson will have a new name! J)
  • Gr. 2: Mrs. Hartman, Mrs. Mendela
  • Gr. 2/3 Mrs. J. Moore
  • Gr. 3: Mrs. McGowan, Mrs. Haagensen
  • Gr. 4: Mrs. Saunders
  • Gr. 4: Mr. Merrick
  • Gr. 4/5: To Be Announced
  • Gr. 5: Ms. Franz, Ms. T. Moore

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