Drinking Water Update

In 2016, the Ministry of Education mandated lead testing in schools built before 1990. With guidance from the Fraser Health Authority, the Chilliwack School District completed this testing in 2016.  In co-operation with Chilliwack School District staff samples are collected and test results are conducted and reported by an accredited, independent laboratory. These results are also reported to the Ministry of Education.    
School Districts are required to take steps to address lead levels above the allowable limit.  If sample results exceed the maximum allowable concentration, the school district—in consultation with their Regional Health Authority—must commence daily flushing immediately, or deactivate and place a “Not in Use” sign on the water source. 
Some school sites showed elevated traces in the testing.  A flushing plan was developed and upon flushing these water source locations, all were re-tested and were within the maximum allowable concentrations. 
School Districts are required to conduct lead testing every three years. 
The Chilliwack School District has taken action at each of the tested schools to ensure the drinking water for students and staff is only available from fountains and sinks with water quality meeting health standards.

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